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Sunday, August 28, 2011

My moment of pen, paper, and peace

Even though I have been swamped with professional work, I have kept one very important date each day with my favourite fountain pen and composition school book. If, on a particular day, the sun was out, I would RUN for the chaise, writing supplies in hand, and soak up as much vitamin D and summer brightness as I could while writing before the clouds returned or my other duties pressured me to get back to work.

Every time I have a "date" with my journal, I love seeing the ink -- "concord grape" purple is my favourite colour these days -- generously spill across page after page of these cheap, cardboard covered books that I use for writing my journals. Hmmm, I am wondering, which is more lovely: cracking open a brand-new book? flipping through my journal nearly full? racing through my thoughts with pen flying across the page? daydreaming and doodling on the plain brown cover? Or adding a completed book to the stack of other similarly scribbled volumes? It's too hard for me to decide. I love it all.

I don't know what I will do with my growing collection of composition books brimming with my lived life. Will I even read them? Maybe. I DO know that the act of writing in these journals has helped me be a better observer. I see, hear, and feel more as a result of taking the time to put words to what can sometimes speed by barely reaching my awareness. Becoming aware -- writing my Self into awareness -- is my best way to practice counting my many blessings and showing gratitude for this Beautiful Life. If you are in the mood for a writing session, why not join me? Grab your pen and book -- or sit at your keyboard -- 4:00 PM (tea time) and sunset each day and we'll make it a date!

P.S. I found my "Lami" fountain pen with its 1.9 nib and Monte Blanc purple ink at The Vancouver Pen Shop (they do mail order) and my favourite eco-friendly, reclaimed sugarcane fibre (no tree pulp) paper, composition books at Staples, in case you want to give them a try.

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